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Welcome to MFOHS. Visit Our New Site. This website will help you to customize your PC, troubleshoot etc. From here you can download free software, e-books, video tutorial, wallpaper and many other things.

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What is MFOHS?

MFOHS is fancied company. I (Sohag) named it to publish my works. My friends are also publish their products in this web site. Everything in this website (excluding MFOHS's logo and this page design) is free. You need not spend money. So why are you waiting, browse and download our contents now.

Hope you will enjoy this site. If you have any question about this site contact with us or visit our support page.

Do you want to download More Software Excluding Ours?

If you donot like our software or you like our software but want to download other, click the following link. Or visit our news link.

Terms and Conditions (Summary)

It is a personal website. I make this site actually for my friends. But everybody can browse and download our content. I also publish here my friends works too.

It is recommended that if you face any problem by browsing this site and installing or using our product we are not responsible for that. Because all of our products are freeware.

But you should contact with me if you face any problem for our own fault, we try our best to solve this problem.

To read terms and conditon fully you need to visit Terms and Condition page .

CD/DvD drive Load/Eject
products pic

It is a very useful software. When you install it, you will see an icon in your Toolbar (right-down corner, beside clock). Simply just double click to load or eject your CD/DvD Drive.

System requirements: Windows 2000/above.


Terminology 2012 Pro
products pic

This software is mainly created for H.S.C. candidates(bd). It caontains Terminology question's solution (all board 2004-2011). You can also edit all data.

System requirements: Windows XP/above.



Desktop Clock 6.0 with Dic.
product pic

Desctop clock increase your visual style. It's a different dictionary because it contains mini updateable dictionary. After download it you need to download update from us to use Dic.

System requirements: Windows 2000/above.



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